[DINE] Block explained

This article explains how [DINE] Block works and how to use it to build header, footer, off-canvas menu as well as any pop-up.

What is [DINE] Block and why we need it?

[DINE] Block is a custom post type, added in Dine theme. It’s called “block” but you can think about it as a small post to be included in othere areas of the theme like Header, Footer.. The only purpose of each [DINE] Block is to be included in other parts (like header, footer). For instance, in this demo, the Header is actually a [DINE] block named “Header”.

The reason behind why we use [DINE] block is because: It’s a post type so that we can use Elementor to build anything there. The Header Builder is actually using Elementor in [DINE] Block then use that block as the header.

List of all [DINE] Blocks
When you customize your site and choose Header Builder, all [DINE] Blocks will be listed and any block can be used as site header.
So when you need to edit your header, please edit the [DINE] Block “Header” instead. It gives you flexibility to build your header in the way you want with power of Elementor.
It looks like this when you edit [DINE] Block “Header”. You’re editing site header with Elementor

This whole concept works the same way for the site footer.