The Fox Theme Documentation

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This is a theme. To run it, you need:

  1. A domain name + a hosting.
  2. If your site is hosted by, you'll need Business Plan ($25/month) in order to install theme.

Install Theme

Install WordPress

Before installing The Fox theme, you must install WordPress. If you have already a WordPress installation and ready to run a theme, please skip this step.

Here’s a detail guide about installing WordPress

Install The Fox

Step 1: Download Fox theme from ThemeForest. After purchasing, please visit your download page to download it.

Please choose "Installable WordPress file only". In case you downloaded "All files and documentation", please unzip the package you'll find the actual theme file.

Step 2: Go to Your Site Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Click Add New > Upload Theme then choose to upload file. In short, you install it like any other WordPress theme if you have been familiar with installing theme.

Click to “Install Now”, wait for it to be uploaded completely. Then click to “Activate”.

Your theme now has been installed. You’ll see a “Fox Magazine” on the left menu. Click there, you’ll see a welcome screen with useful information to get started.

If you don’t see such a screen but you see something like “stylesheet is missing“, please read how to fix stylesheet is missing.

Activate Theme

Step 1: Download your license key.

Step 2: Go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine then enter your license code there.

Install Plugins

The Fox theme comes with a few plugins to for extra functionality. None of them is required for the them to work. Here's the list of plugins. You decide yourself to install them or not.

  • One Click Import Demo: This plugin is required to import demo. Hence you must install and activate it if you want to import demo data. After importing, you can remove it.
  • Contact Form 7: This plugin helps setting up contact form for your contact page.
  • WooCommerce: If you need a shop, install it. Otherwise, do not.
  • Instagram Feed: If you need to display an Instagram feed, install it.
  • Mailchimp For WP: If you need to display newsletter form, install it.
  • Post Views Counter: Track post views. From that you can display most viewed posts.

Import Demo Data

After installing, your site looks quite plain. Please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Import Demo to select your preferred style. Please make sure you have installed and acticated the plugin One Click Import Demo. Otherwise, you won't see the Import Demo menu.

Step 1: Choose the demo you want then click Import Demo

Step 2: Click Continue & Import

Please wait for 2 - 5 minutes for the theme to pull demo content from server.

After importing, you'll see a congratulation message like this. It means the demo has been imported successfully. Now you can start customizing your site.

Option Panel

Some WordPress theme has Option Panel in the backend. The Fox uses built-in live Customizer. You go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize to customize your site (logo, header, builder..)Even Homepage Builder is located in there.

Customizer Panel looks like that. Note that, you can search for options by using the search form over there. Just type what comes in your mind: Logo, heading font, body font, post title, excerpt length, archive layout.. This is an exclusive feature of The Fox theme (almost themes don't have this very convenient search functionality). You can use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (MacOS) to start searcing.

Single Post

Single posts are posts in single view like this, not blog, category or archive view.

For single posts, we have 2 setting levels: Global settings in Customizer > Single Post and Local settings for each post when you edit it.

Global settings will apply to all posts while local settings apply to the current post. Local settings can override the global settings. For instance, if you set sidebar position to be "right" for all posts (global setting) but for the current post, you set it to be "left" then It'll display sidebar left for the current post.

Post Layouts

There are 7 post layouts to choose from. The layout 4 & 5 are called Hero posts because they have Big Hero Image in the header. You'll hear that term sometimes in Customizer or in this documentation. Layout 4 has fullscreen header image so it’s called Hero Full. Layout 5 is called Hero Half. Here's list layouts:

Single Post Layout: Go to Customize > Single Post > General to set the global post layout there.

Sidebar Position: Left, right or fullwidth (no sidebar)

Sidebar: This option allows you to set different sidebar for single posts. By default, single post displays "Main Sidebar". If you wan't to create more sidebars, you can go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Sidebar Manager

Note: All 3 options above can be overridden by each individual local post settings.

Single post header

Single post header possibly includes: post title, subtitle, date, category, author, share.. To customize components and their order, please go to Customize > Single Post > Single Header area. You can drag/drop to add, remove or reorder those components.

In this area, you can change single post title font or subtitle font. For other elements like Category, Post Date, Author.. they're call Post meta. They share same style with Blog post meta hence you can customize them in the panel Customize > Blog / Archive > Post meta

Subtitle: To add / change / remove subtitle, please edit your post and scroll down to Post Settings area below your post editor, you'll find an option for the subtitle.

Single post thumbnail

To show/hide post thumbnail, you can go to Customize > Single post > Single Thumbnail (globally) or go to Post Settings area below editor of each individual post.

The Fox theme supports several post formats: Video, Audio, Gallery that allows you to display more than just a featured image.

  1. Video Thumbnail, like YouTube video or your MP4 video. Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose "Video".
  2. Audio Thumbnail, like Spotify, Soundcloud or some MP3 file: Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose "Audio".
  3. Gallery Thumbnail: Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose "Gallery". There're 7 gallery styles to choose from. Here we take an example of the image carousel layout.
    Note that you can display inside post content by using the shortcode [fox_gallery /] (and to avoid duplication of gallery, you can hide thumbnail for that post).

Thumbnail strech: There're few levels of thumbnail stretch and please keep in mind that sometimes, It doesn't stretch if there's no room to stretch. For instance, in this post, the thumbnail won't stretch no matter what value you set because there's no room for it to stretch. It won't stretch to overlap the sidebar.

Hero Post

Hero Posts are posts having layout 4 or 5. Layout 4 is called Hero Full. Layout 5 is called Hero Half.

Design Options

Choose Fonts

The Fox allows you to choose fonts from 3 sources:

  1. System fonts: Helvetica, Arial, Georgia..: They are built-in fonts so your site doesn't need to load. It increases site speed significantly. The down side is they're default fonts hence just bland.
  2. Google Fonts: Select any fonts from Google fonts directory. This is most popular option. The only down side is you have to load it from Google. Those fonts are hosted by Google.
  3. Upload your own fonts: Fox allows you to upload custom fonts. Those fonts are hosted by your site so you don't need it from Google. The down site is you need to prepare font files. But don't worry, everything is now ready, you just need to spend few minutes to set up.

Here's few things you need to know before choosing fonts for your site.

  1. The Fox predefined font system has 3 primary font positions: Body font, Heading font, Menu font and 2 custom font positions: Custom font 1, 2.
  2. To choose predefined fonts, please go to Dashboard > DESIGN > Choose Fonts
  3. Besides above positions, we have many other typography positions. You can change font for almost any elements: Post title, post meta, post excerpt, logo, tagline, single title, subtitle, Archive title, Archive description, Blockquote, Button, Input..
  4. For each position, you can choose font value to be some primary value like Body font, Heading font, Menu font or set it custom value from System fonts, Google font list or your uploaded font list.
  5. Normally, you should always choose it to be some primary font for 3 reasons. One is for performance. Loading too many fonts make your site slower. Another is for design principle, It won't let your site looking messy. Final reason is for synchronization. If you set "Post meta font" it to be "Heading font" for instance, then when you change heading font, it applies to all dependent positions and you don't need to change each position manually.

Upload Custom Fonts

The system font and Google font are obvious. You just choose them. Here's instructions how to use custom font upload.

Prepare font files: Fonts in this case are called "web fonts". Unlike fonts being used for design softwares with formats *ttf or *otf, webfonts require 2 file extensions: *woff and *woff2. For instance, if you want to use Futura font, you must prepare futura.woff and futura.woff2.

Now there's a lot of online web services to help you converting from *ttf or *otf or font formats you have into web fonts (ie. woff2 and woff). Please Google search the phrase "Webfont generator", you'll see many.

If you have different weights, eg. bold and light for Futura, you need to convert few times to get Futura_Bold.woff2 and Futura_Light.woff2 files.

Assume you have your font files already. Here's the steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Custom Fonts, you'll upload your custom fonts there. For instance, here I have Ostrich Sans Black font I used to convert it into webfonts.
  2. Hit Add New Font
  3. Now go back to your Customizer > DESIGN > Choose fonts, you'll see the font "Ostrich Sans Black" appear there and ready for selecting.


The word "translate" may be vague. There are 2 intentions in this section:

  1. Translate your site from English to your language (German, French, Italian..)
  2. Build a multilingual website with various languages: En, De, Fr..

For each problem, we have a respective approach.

Translate The Theme

If your language is not English and you want to translate theme terms into your language, here's some options:

  • Quick Translation: The Fox has a Quick Translation panel right in Customizer for translating most important words: Next, Previous, More, Read More, Search, View all..
  • Full Translation: For full translation of the theme, you'll need to use a translation plugin such as LocoTranslate

1/ Quick Translate

To use Quick Translation, you simply go to Customize > Quick Translation, you'll see list of words you can translate there.

Note: It contains not all words of the theme hence if the word you need to translate is missing, you'll need to use a plugin (for instance, LocoTranslate below)

2/ Using LocoTranslate to translate all words

Here's the plugin guide. It works for all themes having *pot files, including The Fox.

Build Multilingual Site

Polylang is a free plugin to build a multilingual WordPress site and The Fox is compatible with Polylang. Hence in this section, we'll present a step-by-step guide how to make theme work with Polylang.

Step 1: Install Polylang and set up Polylang as its instruction.

Step 2: Go to Dashboard > Languages > Translation

Step 3: Click "View all group", you'll see an option named "Fox". Choose it, you'll see available strings that can be translated into other languages.

Child Theme

First, not everything needs a child theme. Do I need to use child theme? Please check FAQ section: Do I need child theme?. If you're sure that you'll need a child theme, here's the guide.

Here's sample Fox child theme. Please download it as a starting point for child theme.

Here's full official tutorial from WordPress about child theme. There you find how to install a child theme and how to use it. Fox Child Theme is no different from common discipline. The only worthy note about Fox Child Theme is about parent theme styling. If you're using Fox theme (ie. Parent Theme in this context) and you use some predefined demo or having certain customizations, you'll see after activating child theme, your settings will be lost. This problem happens because those settings are stored per theme, not per site, ie. those settings are attached to your parent theme and WordPress considers your parent theme and child theme are 2 different ones. And this happens for many themes that use theme_mods mechanism, not only The Fox theme.

To resolve this problem, please follow the following steps

  1. Install & Activate Customizer Export/Import plugin
  2. Reactivate your parent theme (ie. The Fox theme)
  3. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Export/Import
  4. Click "Export" button, you'll get a file fox-export.dat
  5. Reactivate the child theme
  6. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Export/Import again
  7. Upload file fox-export.dat file then hit "Import" button and wait. After that, all your settings will be restored.

Manage License

Here's some information about theme license and purchase code you need to know.

One purchase code can be used for 1 WordPress installation. It means:

  1. If your site is multisite, It's still ok. You need only 1 purchase code/license because It's 1 installation.
  2. If you have 1 domain, but you installed theme 2 times, for instance in and, you'll need 2 licensed. In other words, you'll need to purchase the theme twice.

The license doesn't count if you have localhost installation or stagging site installation. However, we can only check localhost because It's clear that this is a developing site.

One license is being used for 1 site at one moment. You can change the domain and bring that license to use in the new domain. As long as at any time, number of your licenses = number of your currently active site.

To register license, please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine. You also revoke/unregister your license there. The reason for unregistration is often when you want to use that license for different website (eg. you change domain or you move from stagging site to the live site).

Sometimes you can’t access to your website you used that purchase code (for instance, you deleted it or you can't access it for some reason, or you reinstalled it but forgot to revoke license) but you still want to revoke the purchase code to use for another site, then here's the solution.

  1. Visit WiThemes License Site.
  2. Login with username is your ThemeForest username and password is your purchase code. If you even forget your purchase code, please go to your download page to download the purchase code.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Purchase Codes. You’ll find your purchase code and your site info there.
  4. Click Trash to delete it
  5. Now, your purchase code has been revoked manually and you’ll be able to use that purchase code for any other site you want to.

Update Theme

Once purchased, you have lifetime free updates of The Fox theme. Here's something you need to know before updating.

  1. Your data won't never be lost: Your posts, pages, images will be safe under updates. Even when you switch themes or the theme being broken, those assests will be safe anyway.
  2. You should back up your data before updating, or even if you don't update, you still should back up your site (to avoid attack, malware or some plugins don't function well, a site works with many plugins not only theme alone)

There are 2 methods to update The Fox theme.

  1. Method 1:Using Envato Market plugin
  2. Method 2:Update Manually

Update by Envato Market Plugin

You purchased The Fox theme from Envato, the Envato Market plugin is a mean to manage all your themes and plugins, not only The Fox. After installing and setting up the plugin, from now on you'll receive update nag right in your backend like themes.

Here's the plugin page: Please download it there, follow instructions to install it and after installing, you'll see set up instructions in the backend.

Update manually

Another method to update The Fox is to update it manually.

  1. Go to your download page, find Fox theme to download latest version.
  2. If you download the full package from ThemeForest, you must unzip it and find file. That's the actual theme file. If you downloaded "installable WordPress only", skip this step.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Upload Theme
  4. Upload the file you have just downloaded then hit Install Now.
  5. It’ll ask you if you want to replace current with uploaded or cancel & go back. Choose “Replace current with uploaded”. Now you have The Fox latest version.

Frequently Asked Question

Upgrade to Fox v6 Button

After updating to The Fox v6, you'll still see the button "Upgrade to FOX V6" like this:

and there's no difference in your site. This is because The Fox v6 is a major update hence you'll need to hit the button manually to ensure you did it when you have time, and you can revert when you find any problem with this version.

If you migrated from v5.x to v6, you'll have this mechansim to switch between 2 versions to ensure there's no problem with your update and you can revert anytime.

To finishing upgrading, just hit the button Upgrade to FOX v6, It'll bring you to a page with a button to update the theme to v6.

Why can't I support this?

Your website is like a house. A house contains many parts: ceiling, floor, furnitures.. and they come from different vendors. Similarly, your website includes theme + many plugins. Though the theme is most important part of your website, It's not the only part of your website. Sometimes the error comes from plugins. Sometimes from hosting provider, https configuration.. or some other reason.

We WiThemes is a theme vendor. We are not website administrator and we can only support things within theme scope. In case It's not the theme problem, It's out of our support scope. It's like if your house ceiling has problem, you should call a construction company instead of IKEA. Sometimes and very often we still help customers to spot problem and suggest customers where to get help or resolve it quickly if we know even It's out of our support scope. However, please keep in mind that It's not mandatory and we're not obliged to help in this situation.

And yes, if It's confirmed a theme bug, we'll definitely help and fix.

Importing Warnings

Sometimes, after importing process has been finished, you'll see warnings like: product not imported or elementor_library not imported. In this case, you can just skip them, no problem.

Do I need a child theme?

Not everyone needs a child theme. Sometimes, you may hear that using child theme to avoid losing customization after theme updates. It's true, but It's for PHP and CSS modification, not your settings in Customizer. Your site settings in Customizer won't be lost regardless you use child theme or not.

So you should use a child theme only when:

  1. You know how to use PHP code even in basic level.
  2. You need any custom modification at PHP level or heavy CSS level. For several lines of CSS, you can use Customizer > Additional CSS right in your Customizer.

Support Desk

Please visit our support desk to open a new ticket

Support for The Fox includes:
  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its advertised features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
Item support does not include:
  • Customization and installation services
  • Support for third party plugins not advertised.
Before seeking support, please check:
  • If you got the "missing stylesheet" issue, please check this article.
  • When open a ticket, please provide us with your site URL, screenshots of your problems with red circles.
  • If It were a backend issue, please provide us with your site login info so we can check immediately instead of having to ask for it, then your ticket will be resolved more quickly. The support desk is private and 100% safe.

Version History (Changelog)


Version - Sep 20, 2023
- feature: new Fox Times IV demo
- recover: post list layout list/stack on mobile
- fix: alignwide, alignfull on mobile

Version - Sep 12, 2023
- feature: new Guard demo
- feature: more footer sidebar layouts
- feature: search box in title bar for search page

- fix: can't save section name of homepage builder
- fix: make carousel items equal height
- fix: section stretch bug in customizer homepage builder
- fix: single sidedock post title size

Version 6.0.9 - Sep 09, 2023
- feature: add Telegram share button
- improve: titlebar sub-categories now show only direct level
- adjust: Twitter share icon to X-share icon

- recover: first big post masonry
- recover: masonry creative
- recover: list_mobile_layout
- recover: placeholder_thumbnail
- recover: thumbnail_border_width, thumbnail_border_color
- recover: thumbnail_showing_effect
- recover: thumbnail border option
- recover: format indicator
- recover: excerpt_html
- recover: gallery format general options
- recover: lightbox for format gallery: carousel layout
- recover: enable/disable lightbox option for gallery format
- recover: default format gallery grid options
- recover: format link target _blank
- recover: twitter_username
- recover: exclude_pages_from_search
- recover: publish_updated date
- recover: time ago fashion
- recover: revert_elementor_heading
- recover: page_content_image_stretch
- recover: hero layouts 4, 5 for page
- recover: layout 6 for page
- recover: page 404 options
- recover: all page settings /// deprecated text-column and dropcap options

- fix: single content images should not stretch when not enough room to stretch
- fix: better inview mechanism
- fix: related posts + excluded categories not working
- fix: Gutenberg style missing if homepage has 'page' section
- fix: various updating issues
- fix: thumbnail hover overlay border radius for circle thumbnails
- fix: logo custom URL for hero header
- fix: single tags and title bar terms not aligned correctly
- fix: missing some common args for single post related, bottom posts
- fix: exclude single side dock category IDs
- fix: hero post progress bar not showing when being set for lower edge of header
- fix: update custom font better (v5 -> v6)
- fix: typography udpate for H2, H3, H4
- fix: update widget title padding
- fix: widget title style for widget Blocks
- fix: update blog post title hover color issue
- fix: builder heading size update issue
- fix: home builder padding top/bottom
- fix: Fox version message while updating

Version - Sep 08, 2023 
- fix: minor updating issues

Version - Aug 28, 2023
- fix: stop activating Fox 6 automatically for existing customers
- fix: remove Revert button from admin bar
- fix: more stable upgrade method

Version - Aug 25, 2023
- fix: builder components issue
- fix: builder post group: medium, small post title typography

Version 6.0.8 - Aug 24, 2023

- feature: new Hawaii demo
- feature: dark mode toggle button for header builder
- feature: shortcode: [darkmode_toggle /]
- feature: option for custom code after each section, you can enter button shortcode here
- feature: single post title color
- fix: Custom font 1 not loading if it's being called after
- fix: Homepage builder sidebar select not working
- fix: better homepage builder ad spacing
- fix: reorganize group options for builder section
- fix: pagination of homepage builder
- fix: progress bar not working when post content short
- fix: wrap single bottom area by .container so that it won't be too wide on wide screen
- fix: polylang: add translation for builder heading, heading URL, heading text, copyright
- fix: organize archive design options
- fix: hint system better

Version 6.0.7 - Aug 19, 2023
- improve: category titlebar now shows only direct children instead of all children
- fix: header width on mobile of layout 6 still 50%
- fix: section sidebar 4 columns on tablet:
- fix: ignore_sticky_posts param missing, hence it displays many many posts for sites having sticky posts
- fix: make page content typography not affected by single post content typography
- recover: unique reading posts
- recover: after header, before header sidebar
- recover: all page settings
- recover: masonry thumbnail showing effect
- recover: option to display published date/updated date

Version - Aug 11, 2023
- Make all Elementor demos visible for Elementor users

Version 6.0.6 - Aug 10, 2023
- recover: orderby menu_order for homepage builder
- recover: blog post custom thumbnail
- recover: padding top/bottom for single post
- recover: placeholder thumbnail option
- recover: figcaption of the cover image for post hero full/half
- fix: WP search form widget block unstyled
- add: 'fox56_meta_functions' filter in inc/functions56.php file so that you can write your own meta functions in child theme
- fix: custom fonts not showing in choose fonts dropdown

Version 6.0.5 - Aug 08, 2023
- add social icon options: Threads, X, Mastodon
- fix minor bugs of v6.0
- fix: import widgets bug
Version 6.0 -  July 25, 2023
- feature: new built-in Homepage Builder engine. Faster and many more options 
- feature: Header builder right in Customizer > Header
- feature: Footer drag/drop elements
- feature: critical/above the fold CSS for The Fox to 
- feature: option to load JS async/defer
- feature: improve performance & few performance options
- fix: mega menu position near screen edge
- fix: many small bugs

Version - May 24, 2023
- fix the issue mobile menu is gone

Version 5.5.4 - May 20, 2023
- access to post templates library directly from backend easier
- improve single builder elements
    - has preview mode to make it easier to imagine
    - fox elementor single thumbnail
    - post content more options
        - image caption
        - quote
        - link
        - heading
    - post content preview with images, quote..
    - author avatar for meta
    - align option for meta
    - comment area
- deprecate messenger share due to inactivity
- performance: passive listener core web vitabs audit
- performance: replace  in fox ads by div to work with webp plugins

Version 5.5.3 - May 13, 2023
- add: hovercard preview post like Wikipedia in Customize > Single Post > Single Post Layout
- add: close flying search by esc key
- add: make elementor edit toggle button bigger
- add: option to revert Elementor Heading element in Customize > Misc
- fix: customizer fonts not affected by theme fonts
- fix: fox ads responsive

Version 5.5.2 - May 08, 2023
- add: menu_order option in homepage builder
- add: set image sizes for header logo, footer logo
- add: improve CSS, JS for better performance
- add: Performance tab for Customizer

Version - April 05, 2023
- fix: uninstall demo by soft deleting posts to make it safer
- fix: wp_register_script of Fox Post Views plugin
- fix: license check better. now you can manage licenses remotely in case you have deleted site

Version - April 04, 2023
- fix: minor issues regarding elementor new version
- fix: minor issues regarding wp 6.2

Version - April 01, 2023
- feature: load editor font, color.. like frontend
- fix: autoload stylesheet on child theme so that child theme doesn't need to load stylesheets
- better child theme file

Version - March 31, 2023
- add: excerpt HTML option in Customize > Blog/Archive > General > Excerpt
- fix: co-authors plus author box all article link
- fix: license code issue for multisite
- fix: display meaningful thing instead of blank when FOX Block not exist

Version - March 30, 2023
- compatible with WordPress 6.2
- fix: minor issues with Elementor 3.1.2
- fix: mega menu overflow right edge issue
- fix: co-authors plus author box latest posts display

Version 5.5.1 - March 28, 2023
- add: option to uninstall demo
- add: option to import demo settings only
- fix: user list problem
- fix: post, page have predefined layouts won't take FOX Block template
- fix: minor issues

Version 5.5 - March 17, 2023
- add: Sophia Demo
- make FOX Studio library of predefined elements accessible
- fix: weird issue the 1st section showing same settings as the main blog
- fix: remove weird elementor style import message
- fix: hide frontend messages: please add widgets to sidebar for non-admin users
- FOX Block CSS loading better

Version - March 08, 2023
- make it easier to work with WPML

Version 5.4 - March 07, 2023
- new : add FOX Guard demo
- new: format option for [[today]] shortcode
- new: header mega menu category preload option
- new: add menu icon for arbitrary menu location
- fix: many minor issues
- elementor: background option for post in Post Group 1 Layout
- elementor: spacing, border option for small post in Post Group 1 Layout
- elementor: option to disable thumbnail from 2nd post for small column in Group 1 Layout
- elementor: background option for post grid item
- elementor: background option for post list item
- elementor: option to disable thumbnail from 2nd post for post grid, post list
- elementor: option for 1st item of post grid bigger
- elementor: standalone category color for post grid, list
- elementor: column option for post list
- elementor: add item sep option for menu items
- elementor: add item hover style for horizontal menu items
- elementor: option to display author latest posts, 
- elementor: option to exclude authors their IDs
- elementor: new FOX Banner elementor to replace Old ads element
- elementor: allow to use FOX Block as for mega menu dropdown.
- elementor: horizontal mobile menu behavior scroll
- elementor: add FOX Tags to display post tags or any custom taxonomy
- elementor: add FOX Author box for current author page or used as Authorbox for Single Post
- elementor: add FOX ARCHIVE Desciprtion
- elementor: option to disable archive title on author page
- elementor: add pagination styling option for post list, grid, standard
- elementor: add LIVE indicator to single_meta element to display LIVE indicator for live posts
- elementor: display LIVE indicator for archive posts
- elementor: improve header, footer experience: header, footer builder remove "container" element to avoid flask of style
- elementor: fix CSS flash site loading

Version - February 28, 2023
- compatible with PHP 8.1

Version - February 25, 2023
- fix: return WooCommerce images default behaviour to enable product variations

Version 5.3.2 - February 24, 2023
- fix: improve importing demo system
- fix: image ad not loading in homepage buider
- add: lightbox loading text translatable

Version - January 28, 2023
- fix: translatable date for [today] shortcode
- fix: .newspaper-related margin -10px

Version - January 12, 2023
- fix: the issue can't reset post/page background color

Version 5.3.1 - January 11, 2023
- new: big post date format: Customize > Blog / Archive > Post Big
- new: custom social icon: Customize > Social URLs
- new: spacing option for small posts in Post Group 1
- fix: .wrapper-bg-element{z-index:1} cover entire page sometimes
- fix: remove editor from FOX Block
- fix: documentation URLs
- fix: update Elementor hooks to replace deprecated ones:
- fix: YouTube js library autoload

Version 5.3 - December 24, 2022
- add: Geek demo
- update: FOX Framework to version 1.8 - Please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins > Upload FOX Framework plugin
- post group 1: spacing option between 2 cols
- post group 1: a lot of options for big post (typography, color, spacing, thumbnail padding, border)
- post group 1: a lot of options for small post (typography, color, spacing, thumbnail padding, border)
- post group 1: custom HTML code option before/after col
- add: video post format played when clicked to thumbnail
- add: thumbnail review score for post list/grid
- menu: dropdown alignment option
- menu: fix position issue with dropdown more than 2 levels
- menu: option to display "has children" indicator
- fix: exclude FOX block from search result

Version 5.2.1 - December 21, 2022
- fix: minor CSS issue
- fix: compress files issue

Version 5.2 - December 15, 2022
- add: Commentary demo rebuilt
- add: FOX Tile addon
- add: FOX Search form addon
- add: close lightbox by escape
- add: FOX Framework to version 1.7.3 with new elements + options
- add: FOX Navigation: option to display categories, tags, taxonomies
- add: FOX Navigation: dropdown border options
- add: FOX Post list, grid: style options for readmore buttons
- add: FOX Post list, grid: card padding option
- add: post group 2: column width option
- add: post group 2: thumbnail align option for small post
- add: post group 2: thumbnail width option for small post
- add: post group 2: separator option for small post
- add: post group 2: custom HTML code before/after 3 cols
- add: various options for various elements
- add: FOX Button: option to use image icon
- add: link color option for Elementor text editor
- fix: post title hover issue
- fix: menu dropdown align issue
- fix: scroll-y problem (single footer posts, lightbox, popup, off-canvas)
- fix: change hamburger button tag for better SEO
- fix: hero header type normal issue
- fix: overflow hidden issue global site
- fix: glitchy mobile header issue

Version - December 13, 2022
- fix: hero full image issue
- add: tiktok URL to author profile

Version 5.1.2 - December 04, 2022
- feature: Option for reading speed: Customize > Misc
- fix: compatibility with elementor pro
- fix: hero post blog thumbnail issue on single post hero 4, 5

Version 5.1.1 - November 26, 2022
- fix: widgets issue of the Post View Counter plugin. Please update the plugin in Dasbboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins
- fix: pagination issue when frontpage is a static page
- fix: issue with elementor support option

Version 5.1 - November 03, 2022
- feature: compatible WP 6.1
- feature: new Newspaper demo
- feature: add many options to Elementor Post Slider element
- feature: add thumbnail width option for small posts in group 2
- feature: spacing option for standard posts
- fix: post review overall border color issue
- fix: issue with popup list of button
- fix: issue with dropdown menu text align
- fix: exclude FOX Blocks from the search result

Version 5.0.4 - October 17, 2022
- fix: WMPL for FOX Blocks (Header, Footer..)
- improve: remove function attachment_url_to_postid to improve site speed
- update: plugin FOX Framework to v1.7.0.1

Version 5.0.3 - October 15, 2022
- fix: layout missing in page settings

Version 5.0.2 - October 09, 2022
- fix: header sticky issue

Version 5.0.1 - October 09, 2022
- fix: wp image margin issue

Version 5.0 - October 07, 2022
- new demo: woocommece demo for Times Writer
- new demo: woocommece demo for Lifestyle
- new demo: Bern

- feature: update Google font list
- feature: add Fox template library for Elementor
- feature: archive Elementor builder
- feature: single post Elementor builder
- feature: single page Elementor builder
- feature: Elementor dynamic addons for single post builder
- feature: Elementor dynamic addons for archive builder
- feature: background color, text for post
- feature: background color, text for page
- feature: custom header, footer builder for each individual post/page
- feature: mega menu for Elementor menu element
- feature: share addon for Elementor
- feature: post grid: lot of spacing options
- feature: post grid: thumbnail border, padding option
- feature: post grid: title hover options
- feature: post list: lot of spacing options
- feature: post list: thumbnail border, padding option
- feature: post list: title hover options
- feature: post group 2: comprehensive option system

- fix: various woocommerce issues
- fix: fox elementor addons issues
- fix: remove og:image from head while this is supported by third-party plugins
- fix: header, footer builder container width issue
- fix: import process more stable

Version 4.9.1 - August 26, 2022
- added Times III demo:
- added: Elementor post list options
- added: Elementor post standard options
- fix: header builder mobile hero post conflict
- fix: vertical nav toggle issue
- fix:: various minor issues

Version - August 23, 2022
- fix: mobile logo in hero posts

Version 4.9 - August 21, 2022
- fix: header stack 3, 4 shortcode issue
- feature: add [FOX] Block custom post type for embedding in other areas 
- feature: header builder by elementor
- feature: footer builder by elementor
- feature: Elementor heading - add more options
- feature: Elementor authors element -add more options
- feature: Elementor post grid - add more options
- feature: Elementor post list - add more options
- added: Elementor logo element
- added: Elementor form element
- added: Elementor button element
- added: Popup option when click button

Version 4.8 - June 18, 2022
- feature: AMP-ready, support AMP For WP:
- feature: footer menu typo options
- feature: [today] shortcode to use in site tagline
- feature: option for Google font-display auto/swap
- fix: minor CSS changes
- fix: lightbox link logic issue
- fix: safari thumbnail border radius issue
- fix: embed youtube 2-column text layout
- fix: various minor issues

Version - April 15, 2022
- feature: improve demo designs overall
- feature: search box in titlebar for search page
- feature: _target for link format
- feature: header custom shortcode for all header layouts
- fix: Elementor print content and register controls in (Fox) Framework issue

Version 4.7.2 - February 17, 2022
- feature: allow number of posts each column Post Group 2
- feature: allow number of posts each column Post Group 1
- feature: allow small posts displayed as grid/list in Group 2
- feature: allow small posts displayed as grid/list in Group 1
- feature: allow small posts displayed 2 columns in Group 1
- feature: option for group 1 big post thumbnail
- feature: optimize dom
- feature: option for author IDs in author widget
- feature: be able to set content width by percent
- fix: passive listener mobile (flexslider)

Version - February 08, 2022
- feature: more blockquote icons
- feature: blockquote bg color option
- feature: header shortcode for layouts stack 1, 2
- feature: spacing option for group 1, 2 in Elementor
- feature: creative layout for masonry in Elementor
- feature: yoast SEO breadcrumbs integration
- fix: sticky header background

Version - January 30, 2022
- feature: WordPress 5.9 compatible
- feature: allow to add any font-awesome icons in child theme
- fix: gallery lightbox issue in wp 5.9
- fix: sticky header background

Version 4.7.1 - December 18, 2021
- feature: Times Writer Elementor demo
- feature: Mazed demo
- feature: custom image design for icons: hamburger, search, scroll..
- feature: titlebar user width
- feature: update fontawesome icon fonts (to v5.15.4)
- feature: add tiktok icon
- feature: social icon spacing support
- feature: animation for offcanvas elements
- fix: Elementor list thumbnail align right
- fix: single navigation placeholder thumbnail missing
- fix: darkmode minor issues
- fix: the offcanvas menu hash open for any hash
- fix: comments visibility when discussion off
- fix: partial content padding issue
- fix: static/fixed header mobile

Version - November 02, 2021
- fix: solid category style when having multiple categories
- fix: visibility issue for sections
- fix: circular thumbnail blink issue on safari
- fix: .gallery-caption disabled in classic editor
- fix: heading center + separated link overlaping on mobile

Version 4.7 - October 20, 2021
- feature: Vinsmoke demo
- feature: Mia demo
- feature: dark mode
- feature: creative thumbnail layout for blog masonry
- feature: single post layout 6
- feature: standalone category solid style
- feature: grayscale, sepia thumbnail hover effect
- feature: custom thumbnail hover overlay color
- feature: placeholder image for post group 2 big post
- feature: option for static header mobile
- feature: option for excerpt in place of subtitle
- feature: different sidebars for different pages: single, archive, category, author..
- fix: fox_get_attachment_image() for audio thumbnail
- fix: section visibility issue on mobile
- fix: wp menu in
- fix: coauthor plus top area
- fix: woocommerce shop page options
- fix: titlebar user color issue

Version - July 22, 2021
- make it compatible with WP 5.8

Version 4.6.9 - July 19, 2021
- option: post group 1 excerpt length
- option: live in small posts, grid layout
- option: priority for categories to set primary category of post
- option: updated recently
- fox framework: autoplay option for slider in Elementor
- fox framework: big post excerpt
- fix: progress bar lower edge of header now showing up stack classic layout
- fix: default off-canvas padding
- fix: one click install plugin conflict

Version - June 16, 2021
- fix: hero post meta author
- fix: co-authors plus guest author link
- fix separator issue on landscape-mobile
- fix: post group 1 small post title size on mobile

Version - May 31, 2021
- fix: coauthor guest author name issue

Version 4.6.8 - May 26, 2021
- Medium demo
- option: author avatar size
- option: excerpt color
- option: post group 2 title size
- option: post group 2 spacing
- post group 1 ratio in builder & new ratio: 1/2
- post group 1 spacing
- option: progress bar at lower edge of navigation bar
- shortcode on navbar
- fix: article small spacing on mobile
- fix: sticky header doesn't work issue
- fix: co-authors plus author avatar
- fix: website for post author social link

Version - May 19, 2021
- increase category list to 300 in metabox
- update related query exclude cats in post list widget

Version - May 12, 2021
- fix imagetext width issue on mobile layout image left.
- fix issue of number in archive count dropdown widget
- support shortcode for video and audio field
- hide format column classic editor
- add the filter "fox_related_query_args" to modify related_query_args
- exclude cats in related post, single bottom post

Version - March 22, 2021
- fix: social icon rel attribute
- fix: import elementor demo homepage set up

Version 4.6.7 - March 22, 2021
- feature: few more off-canvas menu options
- feature: related post title size
- feature: full hint list of options for easy access
- elementor: upgrade the Fox Elementor Addons plugin to have more features
- elementor: list index option
- elementor: author list 5 columns
- elementor: El-Times demo + template
- elementor: thumbnail caption option
- elementor: thumbnail/text order option
- elementor: blank page template to build elementor pages

Version - March 15, 2021
- fix issue duplicated name of co-authors plugin

Version 4.6.6 - March 13, 2021
- PHP 8 compatible
- WP 5.7 compatible
- Customizing > BLOG > Homepage Layout to exclude sticky posts and featured posts
- Fully compatible with Co-Authors Plus plugin
- Option to display publishing/updated date
- fox_blog shortcode

Version - March 06, 2021
- improvement: instagram 3 columns on mobile
- improvement: mobile logo to only src to full meta data
- fix: post__in order when include only posts in query
- fix: table-caption issue on firefox
- fix section duplication issue (multicheckboxes)

Version - February 17, 2021
- fix single image thumbnail issue

Version - February 16, 2021
- fix urgent issue get_transient to define demos that being called instead of cached

Version 4.6.5 - February 02, 2021
- heading separted link in builder
- footer column padding option
- fix: footer social icon background issue
- feature: imagetext widget

Version 4.6.4 - February 01, 2021
- feature: allow to use shortcode in user description
- feature: support Just Now, Time Ago in translation
- feature: option to uninstall demo content
- fix: import widgets
- fix: layout padding when sidebar left
- fix: excerpt length in single footer sliding dock
- fix: thumbnail components in related posts
- fix: sidebar slug with space
- fix: sliding posts thumbnail
- fix: instagram margin top/bottom
- remove left arrow of slider on mobile

Version 4.6.3 - January 08, 2021
- feature: allow to add widgets into Off-canvas menu
- fix: Twitter embed issue on Firefox, Safari
- fix: main menu hover issue
- fix: option to enable/disable Keep Reading text for big post
- fix: instagram margin issue
- fix: lightbox image caption for single image
- fix: before header/after header sidebar disapper on mobile. move 
to top inside
- fix: a lot of validation issues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - January 07, 2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - improved: modal search animation - improved: get import set cached - fix: remove redudant mediaelement dependency from css, js - fix: fitvids question mark issue - fix: image size issue of About widget - fix: hamburger color issue transparent header - fix: outline button color issue post slider 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - December 07, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - feature: add single footer sliding box title size & excerpt option - fix: (FOX) Instagram widget not working - fix: archive double parenthesis issue - fix: subtitle position - fix: primary area padding right 0 when sidebar left ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - November 17, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - add: woocommerce product alignment option - add: option to disable separator between standard posts - add: translation for live word - fix customizer color option doesn't work after adding section - fix mobile icon colors for navbar dark skin - fix woocommerce cart ajax issue - fix woocommerce update cart quantity buttons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - October 30, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - add: Pine demo - fix: author avatar image quality - fix: align option for the builder slider 1 - fix: site border on mobile layout ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - October 26, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix envato market wrong link issue - fix linkedin social icon issue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.6.2 - October 16, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - feature: add Massa demo - feature: co-authors integration in a basic level - feature: media & text of gutenberg opens lightbox - feature: more link align standard posts - feature: authorbox widget - feature: more modal header search options - feature: more pagination styles - feature: index on post list widget - feature: spacing between standard items - feature: slider navigation style Square 3 - feature: suggestion text translation - fix: category in related posts work wrong - fix: post hero half dark skin button - fix: thumbnail align doesn't work for post list widget - fix: background *webp doesn't work on safari - fix shop page description shows twice - fix: components multi-checkbox in homepage builder always show default - fix: standalone category boxed style doesn't work - fix: accent color doesn't work - fix: $comment_form_default_fields hook missing in comment_form - fix: page layout 2 $params issue - adjust: caption margin top from 20px to 10px ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - October 02, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix: update to v3 -> v4 without checking wi_ mods - feature: add single tags align option ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.6.1 - September 30, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix: big post excerpt size option - fix: gallery grid thumbnail - fix: gallery rich slider arrows (fashion) - fix: social icons missing - fix: ad link full - fix: galery image caption in lightbox (classic gallery) - fix: polylang issues - fix: primary/sidebar float when empty - fix: excerpt word wrap issue - fix: builder heading no text gap issue - fix: slider1 default arrow issue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.6 - September 21, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you're using Fox + Elementor, you must go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins to update the Fox Elementor Addons plugin to v1.3 - feature: allow to add site border in wide layout - feature: allow more next/prev styles for sliders - feature: post carousel - feature: option to choose social icon shape (light/square) - feature: option to choose search/cart icon style: smooth or sharp - feature: built-in mailchimp newsletter widget with advanced layouts - feature: more layouts for header area - feature: navbar stretch, navbar height - feature: logo area background, padding options - feature: spacing option for social icons - feature: design options for list widgets & tag cloud - feature: footer bottom layout/element - feature: more options for footer social icons - feature: footer instagram widget - feature: footer newsletter widget - feature: more instagram widget options - feature: circle shape for text scroll up - feature: typography option for copyright text - feature: post standard title font size - feature: improve social share style - feature: much more options for single hero posts - feature: subtitle position option (after title or before content) - feature: option for show/hide tag label - feature: option for order of elements after single post content - feature: more single post navigation styles - feature: standalone category styles - feature: allow to use transparent header for single post hero full (ie. single layout 4) - feature: allow builder heading without text - feature: option for a line between 2 widgets - fix: homepage builder or admin js/css scripts cached - fix: Single post side dock thumbnail width - fix: fox_blog_related( newspaper ) - fix: customizer radio/image_radio fields - fix: 1st standard thumbnail issue - fix: title size missing for big post - adjust: border for related posts is back - adjust: change tooltipster theme - adjust: add fox_sidebars into theme_mod instead of option so that it can export it easier - deprecated: Fox lazyload removed completely - deprecated: author avatar no longer grayscale on blog - deprecated: instagram old version by only username ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - September 03, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix: customizer js issue when WITHEMES_ADMIN not available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.5 - September 03, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - highlight: redesign the homepage builder, lighter, more flexible - highlight: improve site performance/optimization significantly - feature: add compatibility to WordPress 5.5.1 - feature: add "fox_blog" shortcode - feature: related posts in the sidebar - feature: tag, include option in widget latest posts - feature: Review position top/bottom - feature: Add option for caption alignment - feature: Option to disable theme Lightbox (Customize > Miscellaneous) - improve: replace images in css by webp images - improve: font swap for better performance - fix: $rendered_articles not array, blog-template43.php line 907 - fix: jQuery deprecated scripts issues - fix: issue Instagram not showing up - fix: lightbox issue - deprecate: remove lazy load feature - deprecated: Best Rated and Most Viewed widget. Please use (FOX) Post List instead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - August 15, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix: jQuery Migrate issue of WP 5.5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - August 14, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix: post view counter register_route issue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.4.4 - August 13, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - highlight: card layout for blog layouts (grid, masonry, list, standard) - highlight: more layouts: 1st post + list, 1st post + grid - highlight: modern slider height option - highlight: allows left/right/alternative thumbnail position for blog list - highlight: hand-drawn lines - highlight: header transparent option - added: compatible with WP 5.5 - added: polylang support for 404 page message - added: allow to set body background on wide layout - added: allow all primary menu levels depth - added: list thumbnail position in builder - added: allow share icons for standard blog in the builder - improve: remove live text from grid, list, masonry layout - improve: the colorful social share icons - fix metabox tabs issue in the backend (jetpack stats) - fix: word count for other languages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - June 04, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - feature: option for enabling excerpt... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.4.3 - June 03, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - feature: add option for wrapper box padding - feature: option to show/hide thumbnail on post list widget - feature: post group 2 medium thumbnail size - feature: non-duplicate post option for top area archive page - fix: hero post scroll button not align center - fix: cancel reply fix typo issue - fix: add missing words for Polylang ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - May 26, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix standard layout live indicator issue - fix polylang issues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.4.2 - May 21, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - feature: grid border between grid/masonry items - feature: author list widget author avatar shape, color, separator option - feature: border sep between sidebar & primary area - feature: improve about widget with lot of options - fix: sidebar padding mobile issue - fix: the bug can't delete user avatar/cover image ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - May 13, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix ad not showing issue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.4.1 - May 12, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - post vertical excerpt size option - improve a media embed like Spotify, Tiktok.. - add "fox_final_params" hook for final parameters - add "fox_thumbnail_final_params" hook for final thumbnail parameters - add center text position option for hero full post - Fix: post big "keep reading" link - Fix: thumbnail hover effect, shape for vertical post, post group 1, 2 - Fix: classic slider show/hide components - Fix: all videos, medias.. wider than content for single post - Fix: the ad issue when image upload then removed, ID no longer exists but ad still showing - Fix: gallery caption issue - adjust: move minimal logo option for single post to logo section to make it easier to find - adjust: color of new cases in Coronavirus update widget ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - May 01, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix post slider arrows issue - fix Instagram widget Elementor issue - option for woocommerce cart on header or off the side ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.4 - April 29, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HIGHLIGHTS - CUSTOMIZER SEARCH functionality - HOMEBUIDER DRAG & DROP to reorder builder sections - Allow to use widgets in builder section - Home builder layout: Post Modern Slider - Commentary Demo - Lifestyle Demo NEW FEATURES - add option for builder section content narrow - header sticky height - header navigation background option - builder section responsive visibility: ie. now you can hide some sections on tablet/mobile - header stack 4 - header menu active style - builder section ad responsive visibility - add a few more quick translation words: Live, Comment form words - Page title align option in page settings for each page - builder heading border color option - widget (FOX) Image box - more post standard options - mobile logo height opiton - footer sidebar column text align option - footer sidebar margin, padding, border options - single post padding top option - header cart icon for woocommerce - thumbnail stretch container option ADJUSTMENTS - adjust: default header stick height to 40px. you can change it in Customize > Header Layout > Sticky Header - adjust: sticky header background opacity from 95% to 100%. you can change it in Customize > Header Layout > Sticky Header - adjust: improve post standard design (margin, padding, spacing) - adjust: button outline & fill are now 1px border instead of 2px - adjust: increase the tablet screen breakdown from 782px to 820px to support iPad 7th gen - adjust: subtitle now between title and meta (as before 4.3) - adjust: thumbnail index more beautiful for post widget small thumbnail FIXES - fix: header navigation border default value - fix: sticky post order descending error - fix: post group 1 border issue - fix: header shadow none - fix: tablet screen breakpoint to 840px to compatible with iPad 10" - fix: section builder ad code align center - fix: page title align by adding align option for each page - fix: section builder heading small size too close to the line - fix: sep border color post group 1 - fix: default thumbnail not working issue - fix: import sidebar missing - fix: import post type error - fix: gallery bigger than content global option DEPRECATIONS - deprecated: main stream order. replaced by section drag/drop reorder feature ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version - April 17, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - fix the issue checkbox can't be saved in single post back end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 4.3 - April 17, 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - homepage builder: non-duplicate posts option - homepage builder: more post layout options: masonry, vertical, standard, newspaper - homepage builder: section design option: color, background, border - homepage builder: more heading styles - homepage builder: more heading options: size, color, align - homepage builder: custom query option - homepage builder: supports custom post type taxonomy query - homepage builder: option to include/exclude multi-categories - homepage builder: option to include multi-authors - homepage builder: banner ad option for tablet/mobile - homepage builder: allow to use sidebar for each section - homepage builder: allow to display shortcode in each section - header: new stack 3 layout - header: social size, social style options - header: heavy shadow for header sticky - header: sticky header logo - header: allow to disable primary menu - header: option for hamburger button - footer: footer bottom, footer widgets custom color - footer: footer sidebar vertical align - footer: disable footer logo option - blog: supports grid 5 cols, masonry 5 cols for archive layouts - blog: thumbnail showing effect - blog: more options for each blog type: group 1, group 2, slider, vertical.. - post: "live post" feature for breaking news - post: post hero dark skin - post: option to disable scroll down button for hero posts - post: minimal header logo height for hero posts - post: single post, top banner - post: allow to display related posts after both content and sidebar - post: support stretch wide and full for each individual image - post: query options for footer sliding box - post: allow to display featured posts in related posts, bottom posts, footer sliding box - design: block quote quote icon, alignment - design: design option for caption text - design: add drop cap font option, Gothic font - design: design options for subtitle - widget: 2, 3 column option for author grid widget - general: update google font list - general: built-in user avatar option - improve: overall design - improve: off-canvas menu design - improve: post group on mobile design - improve: social share - improve: mega menu item load on hover to improve site speed - improve: Recommend Instagram Feed plugin due to Instagram policy changes - improve: No longer requires Elementor - improve: Sidebar 2 columns on tablet for better responsive display - improve: post group on mobile - improve: contact form button - improve: hero post design - improve: CSS Sass structure - fix: can't disable header sticky - fix: alt tag for image logo - fix: drop cap issue when first letter is not in

tag - fix: review display when no review criteria - fix: empty metabox value in classic editor - fix: lightbox gallery issue - fix: sidebar missing when import demo - fix: woocommerce number of related products - deprecate: lazy load due to lack of consistence. supports third-party lazyload plugin