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Archive Pages are category, tag, author, search page, year, month, day archives. To customize archive pages, please go to Customize > Blog/Archives.

Archive Layouts: You can choose archive layout and sidebar state. Please note, foreach individual category/tag, you can change their own layout and sidebar state when you edit them.

Archive Titlebar

Please go to Customize > Archives > Archive Titlebar to change archive titlebar design.

Archive Label: category, tag..: If enabled, there’s a label above archive title

Archive description: You can disable archive description.

User profile social icon style: This is the option for author page like this >.

Shows subcategories for category archive: If your category World has subcategories like Europe, Asia, America.. then when you enable this, it’ll show the list of those subcategories below the archive title. Example >

Titlebar background: Obvious

Titlebar Overlay Opacity: This is the opacity of the black overlay when your archive page has a background image.

Titlebar Background Image: Background image can be set for category, tag or author. For instance, if you want to set category background image, please go to edit that category and select “Background Image”.

Titlebar Align: Left, right or center

Archive Title Font: Typography option for your archive title.

Archive Title color: Obvious

Titlebar Box: This is an advanced option. It allows you to set titlebar padding, margin and border.

Archive Top Area

The archive top area is the area that appears right after archive titlebar and before archive post stream.

To set/change/disable archive top area, please go to Customize > Archives > Archive Top Area.

You can also set custom Top Area for each category/tag in in their edit screens.