Change Log

Version 6.3.1 – July 05, 2024

- improve: better license check & demo import mechanism when couldn't connect to server.

Version 6.3 – June 18, 2024

- feature: improve homepage builder UI/UX + performance
- feature: add performance options
- feature: add header button elements for header builder
- feature: improve overall site performance
- feature: better import demo data, easier to delete sample data
- feature: add After Header widgets for mobile
- feature: add 1 header search style
- improve: off-canvas menu toggle sub-menu when click full item
- fix: social share panel can't close
- fix: header search not working on mobile
- fix: siteground central plugin + one click import demo conflict

Version 6.2.8 – June 04, 2024

- feature: add editor style
- feature: homepage builder section export/import
- fix: some minor UX/UI issues of homepage builder
- fix: import demo blank screen when siteground central plugin installed
- fix: WPML + authors

Version 6.2.7 – Apr 16, 2024

- fix: youtube video ratio not working properly
- fix: add/clone section in homepage builder
- fix: categories long break layout
- fix: the excerpt
- fix: pagination not working when number missing


Version 6.2.6 – Apr 03, 2024


- fix: clone, create new section in Homepage Builder freezing, crashing.
- fix: link to jpg display block.


Version – Mar 18, 2024


- fix: the post group margin issue


Version 6.2.5 – Mar 17, 2024


- feature: add margin bottom option for section
- feature: add Standard post format to the Customize > Builder > Section > Query > Post Format
- feature: allow to embed youtube shorts with actual ratio, guide here:
- feature: add font variants to load in Customize > DESIGN > Choose Fonts
- fix: remove link to post from rich media thumbnail
- fix: homepage builder section margin top/bottom not working when section spacing is set
- fix: post group spacing on mobile
- fix sidebar on mobile:
- fix: html excerpt in homepage builder


Version – Feb 29, 2024


- fix: upgrade issue v5->v6 not importing homepage sections


Version 6.2.4 – Feb 29, 2024


- feature: translation terms for: Dark/Light
- feature: allow to display rich media thumbnail (video/audio) on blog
- feature: option to disable post meta: Customize > Misc
- feature: option to not exclude top area posts from main stream: Customize > Blog > Top area
- fix: issue self-hosted video not displayed correctly in single post
- fix: woocommerce gallery not working
- fix: pdf embed not displayed well
- fix: subtitle for hero half layout not centered
- fix: make top area options work per-category
- fix: review score not removed for single post
- fix: sidebar width on tablet not correct


Version – Dec 27, 2023


- fix: some bugs upgrading theme engine v5 -> v6


Version 6.2.3 – Dec 15, 2023


- feature: add Street demo
- feature: add Twitter share image in head meta
- feature: add builder heading padding option


Version 6.2.2 – Dec 12, 2023


- feature: add newspaper demo, bern demo
- fix: blockquote overlay
- fix: minor spacing issues
- fix: fox_blog shortcode not reset query


Version 6.2.1 – Dec 07, 2023


- feature: backup your theme settings regularly so that your settings are always safe.
- fix: check fox version better
- fix: reduce database option autoload


Version 6.2 – Dec 06, 2023


- feature: built-in backup settings in Customizer
- feature: [fox_blog] shortcode:
- feature: clear log when upgrade v5 -> v6
- feature: add page title align
- feature: add general page options: layout 5, 6
- feature: add hero full text position for individual post/page
- feature: add page title typography option
- feature: add page color typography option
- feature: Fox Framework 3.0 which is more stable faster
- recover: blockquote
- recover: author "by" word
- fix: make pagination works better without 'base' and 'format' params. no more /page/1 in pagination
- fix: child theme can't install plugins fox framework
- fix: upgrade v6 - better typography match
- fix: page content should inherit typography from post content
- fix: various issues when upgrade v5 -> v6
- fix: upgrade v5 -> v6 missing custom sidebar for archive category, tag, author..
- fix: list thumbnail ugly if tablet, mobile width options not set
- fix: poor spacing of the post elements for different layouts so that we don't need layout options
- fix: handle css loading better for single post/page
- fix: upgrade v5 -> v6, builder heading line color
- fix: upgrade v5 -> v6, builder section ads
- fix: mis-calculate offset + pagination in page 2 when offset being set
- fix: remove '.tab-content' class that affects Redis Cache plugin
- fix: load things better for Fox v6 + Fox Framework
- fix: identify Fox v5 and v6 better
- fix: deprecated options: disable polyfill, disable dashicons


Version 6.1.1 – Dec 02, 2023


- fix: pre_get_posts should avoid admin area
- fix: pagination not working on homepage if too many posts per page in settings > reading
- fix: set $content_width to be container width option, and 1080 by default


Version 6.1 – Nov 28, 2023


- fix: Fox ads displays the script content
- fix: dark mode toggle blink in fraction of second
- adjust: disable smart CSS load by default to avoid conflict with optimization plugins


Version – Nov 24, 2023


- fix: typo $term issue in inc/blog.php file
- fix: admin bar hidden issue.


Version – Nov 23, 2023


- feature: add 1/5 + 4/5 layout for header builder
- feature: add visible search form option for header builder
- fix: header classic search issue on sticky header
- fix: single post featured image stretch align center when image small
- fix: make dashicons enabled by default to avoid errors


Version – Nov 21, 2023


- fix: case $term null in inc/blog.php file


Version – Nov 09, 2023


- feature: make theme compatible with WordPress 6.4.x
- fix: unique reading article for Fox Framework
- fix: import demo data shows v5
- recover: LIVE button


Version – Oct 26, 2023


- fix: font style missing when disable Fox critical CSS
- fix: Fox ad widget shortcode
- fix: excerpt ... option for homepage builder sections
- fix: some issues in demo/plugins API to make theme more stable


Version – Sep 29, 2023


- fix: section padding problem
- fix: post title break into new line


Version – Sep 29, 2023


- feature: builder container border
- feature: builder container background
- fix: do not disable polyfill by default
- fix: import fails after installing Instagram Feeds
- fix: builder section margin not working
- fix: long title break grid layout


Version – Sep 20, 2023


- feature: new Fox Times IV demo
- recover: post list layout list/stack on mobile
- fix: alignwide, alignfull on mobile


Version – Sep 12, 2023


- feature: new Guard demo
- feature: more footer sidebar layouts
- feature: search box in title bar for search page

- fix: can't save section name of homepage builder
- fix: make carousel items equal height
- fix: section stretch bug in customizer homepage builder
- fix: single sidedock post title size


Version 6.0.9 – Sep 09, 2023


- feature: add Telegram share button
- improve: titlebar sub-categories now show only direct level
- adjust: Twitter share icon to X-share icon

- recover: first big post masonry
- recover: masonry creative
- recover: list_mobile_layout
- recover: placeholder_thumbnail
- recover: thumbnail_border_width, thumbnail_border_color
- recover: thumbnail_showing_effect
- recover: thumbnail border option
- recover: format indicator
- recover: excerpt_html
- recover: gallery format general options
- recover: lightbox for format gallery: carousel layout
- recover: enable/disable lightbox option for gallery format
- recover: default format gallery grid options
- recover: format link target _blank
- recover: twitter_username
- recover: exclude_pages_from_search
- recover: publish_updated date
- recover: time ago fashion
- recover: revert_elementor_heading
- recover: page_content_image_stretch
- recover: hero layouts 4, 5 for page
- recover: layout 6 for page
- recover: page 404 options
- recover: all page settings /// deprecated text-column and dropcap options

- fix: single content images should not stretch when not enough room to stretch
- fix: better inview mechanism
- fix: related posts + excluded categories not working
- fix: Gutenberg style missing if homepage has 'page' section
- fix: various updating issues
- fix: thumbnail hover overlay border radius for circle thumbnails
- fix: logo custom URL for hero header
- fix: single tags and title bar terms not aligned correctly
- fix: missing some common args for single post related, bottom posts
- fix: exclude single side dock category IDs
- fix: hero post progress bar not showing when being set for lower edge of header
- fix: update custom font better (v5 -> v6)
- fix: typography udpate for H2, H3, H4
- fix: update widget title padding
- fix: widget title style for widget Blocks
- fix: update blog post title hover color issue
- fix: builder heading size update issue
- fix: home builder padding top/bottom
- fix: Fox version message while updating