How to use Elementor Heading?

This is a legacy problem. The Fox Elementor Addons use the same “heading” ID for the heading, hence It overrides default Elementor heading element. There’s no way to fix this because thousands of customers are currently using it. If we can decide again, we would call it “fox_heading” instead so that both Fox Heading and Elementor heading are being used at the same time.

For now, you can only use Fox Heading element or Elementor heading element. And sometimes, Fox Heading element doesn’t behave as you expected. You can switch to Elementor heading element by:

  1. Go to Customize > Miscellaneous.
  2. Scroll down to the option “Revert Elementor Heading“, choose “Yes”.

Please note that, after this, all of your current Fox Headings will lose its style and become Elementor Heading. If you’re not happy with this result, you can switch back by choosing “No” for the above option.

With the Elementor heading, you can add link, change font face.. but you’ll need to style the heading yourself.