What can’t we support?

Thank you for purchasing The Fox theme. We understand that support is important and we always keep that in mind. However, sometimes we can’t support you if It’s not the theme-related problem.

Theme is a huge part of your WordPress site and plays pivotal role. But It’s not everything and we’re theme author not web administrator. Besides theme, you have plugins, hosting and WordPress is a do-it-yourself game.

We do not deny our responsibility, we just want you to be clear and understand who’s responsible for this. Sometimes, It’s out of our concern. Sometimes, we can’t technically help because It’s out of our ability.

We may give you some recommendations or helpful information about non-theme problems but It’s not considered as our official support. We’re not obliged to do so. It’s the same situation if you ask for directions and we may answer you because we’re living in this area.

1. Things not related to the theme

  1. 90% of SEO problems: My page not being indexed, my page being indexed wrong, something with Google Search Console..
  2. Google Analytics Problem
  3. A clear plugin problem. For instance, an error/bug with some plugin. The error message has string wp-content/plugins/some-plugin.
  4. Hosting problem
  5. Security problem: My site is being hacked. No themes can secure your site. We encourage you to secure your site.

Where can I find help for my problem?

  1. If It’s a plugin error, you can ask the plugin author where you downloaded that plugin.
  2. If It’s a hosting issue, please contact your hosting provider
  3. If It’s a SEO issue, It’s probably common. You can search for it
  4. If It’s a general WordPress issue, It has high chance that other people might encoutered this before. Doing a Google search (or your favorite search engine) might help.
  5. Ask some where else: Quora, Reddit, WP Stack Exchange, WP Forum, Facebook groups..
  6. Find a freelancer/expert to help you to resolve that, like UpWork. There’s lot of jobs there like: “please help me to resolve this”.

2. Things might be related to the theme

  1. A general bug/issue: It can be theme or not. When a bug happens, It can be theme, plugin or hosting problem. We need to determine.
  2. A plugin that works with default WP theme but doesn’t work with The Fox. I know logically, It must be The Fox theme problem because It works with other themes. However, think it this way: When you go by bike in speed 30km/h, there’s no problem with you and the road. When you go by car in speed 100km/h, you see the problem with you and the road. Yes, the road is good enough for the speed 30km/h but It’s not highway for the speed 100km/h. Sometimes, It’s problem with the car, sometimes It’s the problem of the road itself. Point here is, a default WordPress theme is a very “safe” theme in the sense that It doesn’t have much features so the plugin doesn’t raise any conflict with that theme. If the plugin is poorly coded, It will raise conflict with other themes. It’s not always the case, It’s can be The Fox theme is poorly coded in that case to raise a conflict with a well coded plugin. That’s why in this case, we need further investigation to determine which one caused that conflict.

3. Things related to the theme

  1. Any bug and you see in the error message having string: wp-content/themes/fox/
  2. Any theme functionality you expected to work but It doesn’t.