Manage Licenses

Here’s some information about theme license and purchase code you need to know.

One purchase code can be used for 1 WordPress installation. It means:

  1. If your site is multisite, It’s still ok. You need only 1 purchase code/license because It’s 1 installation.
  2. If you have 1 domain, but you installed theme 2 times, for instance in and, you’ll need 2 licensed. In other words, you’ll need to purchase the theme twice.

The license doesn’t count if you have localhost installation or stagging site installation. However, we can only check localhost because It’s clear that this is a developing site.

One license is being used for 1 site at one moment. You can change the domain and bring that license to use in the new domain. As long as at any time, number of your licenses = number of your currently active site.

To register license, please go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine. You also revoke/unregister your license there. The reason for unregistration is often when you want to use that license for different website (eg. you change domain or you move from stagging site to the live site).

Sometimes you can’t access to your website you used that purchase code (for instance, you deleted it or you can’t access it for some reason, or you reinstalled it but forgot to revoke license) but you still want to revoke the purchase code to use for another site, then here’s the solution.

  1. Visit WiThemes License Site.
  2. Login with username is your ThemeForest username and password is your purchase code. If you even forget your purchase code, please go to your download page to download the purchase code.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Purchase Codes. You’ll find your purchase code and your site info there.
  4. Click Trash to delete it
  5. Now, your purchase code has been revoked manually and you’ll be able to use that purchase code for any other site you want to