Homepage Builder

The Fox has its own builder to build your homepage so you don’t need Elementor or any third-party page builder.

To access homepage builder, please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Homepage Builder.

There you can add / reorder / delete sections of the builder. It’s very intuitive.

There’s another section Customize > Homepage Builder Settings, It’s for general settings of the builder.

Section Actions

Add Section

Go to Customize > Homepage Builder > hit Add Section+, you’ll see a new section added called “New Section” after your current section list.

Reorder Sections

To reorder sections, please use mouse to drag/drop them.

Change Section Heading & Name

There are 2 things: Section name and Section heading. They’re somtimes identical, but generally they’re 2 different things and not necessary to be the same.

  • Section heading is the “Latest Articles” heading in the picture below.
  • Section name is the “Main Blog” in the picture below. It’s used to distinguish between sections in your builder. It’s a backend name, you see in the builder, not in frontend.

Edit Section Name

To edit section name Main Blog above, click “…” icon on the left of your section name, you’ll see a menu to edit it.

Edit Section Heading

To edit section heading Latest Articles above, please go to expand your section > go to Section tab > scroll down to Heading area then edit or remove it.