Set up Newsletter Form

Fox uses Mailchimp For WP plugin to set up newsletter form. This is a very popular plugin with 1 million+ installations.

Step 1: Install that plugin first. You can go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugin to install Mailchimp for WP plugin.

Step 2: Go to Dashboard > MC4WP menu, enter your API key to connect to Mailchimp account. If you have difficutly at this step, please follow read their instruction to get the key.

Step 3: Navigate to MC4WP > Form submenu to create your newsletter form.

Step 4: Create your form. This step is important. For stack forms, you can use any markup, even default markup by Mailchimp. For instance, here’s the markup we used in Fox Classic demo.

However, if you want to create an inline form like in Fox Fashion, you must follow the below markup correctly.

Step 5: Add subscribe form to your desired area. The form can be added to sidebar by Mailchimp Side-up Form widget, or via the shortcode. Say, in the Fashion demo, we used the shortcode because builder section supports the shortcode.