Single Post

A single post determines the layout of your blog posts. It is used to display the post details like this. Not blog, category or archive page.

Settings for single post, we have 2 setting levels:

  1. Global settings in Customize > Single Post will apply to all posts.
  2. Local settings for each post when you edit it (on the edit post page).

Note: Local settings can override the global settings. For instance, if you set sidebar position to be “right” for all posts (global setting) but for the current post, you set it to be “left” then It’ll display sidebar left for the current post.

Global settings area:

Global settings area

Local settings area (on the edit post page).

Local settings area

There are many options available for you.

Single post layout

There are 7 post layouts to choose from.

You can view the examples here:

Note: term Hero post: the layout 4 & 5 are called Hero posts because they have Big Hero Image in the header. Layout 4 has fullscreen header image so it’s called Hero Full. Layout 5 is called Hero Half.

Post format

The Fox theme supports several post formats: Standard, Video, Audio, Gallery, Link that allows you to display more than just a featured image.

Video format for post:

Gallery format for post:

Note: you can display inside post content by using the shortcode [fox_gallery].

Post Review

Add review integration to any post on your site.

Ex: makes it easy to create product comparisons, and much more.

Tips: you can reorder/show/hide the Review element view here.

Live Post

Fox supports LIVE post. Live post is a feature similar to nytimes, BBC, CNN. It’s being used for live events like a match, sport event, an outbreak.. Instead of displaying the post date, it’ll display a red “Live” text with the last time the post being updated.

That live label will appear in both single post and on the homepage.

Show on Single post page:

Show on Home page:

Go to Customize > (HOMEPAGE) Builder, click on a Section you want show Live post, find to Components area, use LIVE Indicator field.

Related posts

On Customize > Single Post > Related Posts, you can configure how the Related Posts will be displayed below the post.

Footer Side Dock

Just like Related Posts, Side Dock will increase the page views for you site.

Click Customize > Single Post > Footer Side Dock to configure.

Arrange/show/hide content

On a single post page there are many elements: Post Tags, Post Comment, Review, Share,.. We can arrange/hide/show them.

Click Customize > Single Post > Single Post Content, you can custom for:

  • Single header.
  • Before content.
  • After content.

Custom for before content:

Custom for after content: