FOX Block explained

This article explains how FOX Block works and how to use it to build header, footer, off-canvas menu as well as any pop-up.

What is FOX Block and why we need it?

FOX Block is a custom post type, added in Fox theme, its slug is fox_block. It’s called “block” but you can think about it as a small post to be included in othere areas of the theme like Header, Footer.. Sometimes, a block is the entire template such as Single Post template.

However, the only purpose of each FOX Block is to be used in other parts (like header, footer). It has no purpose for itself. For instance, in this demo, the Header is actually a FOX block named “Header”.

The reason behind why we use FOX Block is because: It’s a post type so that we can use Elementor to build anything there. The Header Builder is actually using Elementor in FOX Block then use that block as the header.

If you’re lazy to read or you need a video tutorial, please scroll down to below sections to what video about Header Builder by FOX Block.

List of all FOX Blocks

This is how FOX Block works to be Header Builder. When you want to change the site header, you actual make changes in the FOX Block post. And you edit it by Elementor.

This whole concept works the same way for the Site Footer, Post Template, Page Template, Archive Template.

Header Builder by FOX Block

Here’s tutorial how to build custom header (Header Builder) by using FOX Block.


video to come

Single Post

video to come


video to come


video to come