The Fox Framework Plugin

The Fox Framework plugin is a plugin developed before v6 (ie. Fox v4, v5..) to add extra Fox widgets to Elementor. If you don’t use Elementor, please ignore this article.

What It does?

Fox Framework plugin is being used to build homepage by using Elementor. Elementor is a page builder but It lacks of news widgets to build a news/magazine homepage. Fox Framework adds more widgets to build a news/magazine homepage.

For building normal pages like About, Contact.. you don’t need Fox Framework plugin. You can just build it normally with Elementor.

Fox Versions

If you’re a new customer and using Fox v6 (ie. since August 2023), you don’t need that plugin because Fox v6 doesn’t use that plugin.

If you updated to Fox v6 from previous Fox v5, v4.. and you didn’t use it before, then in v6, you don’t need it either.

If you updated to Fox v6 from previous versions Fox v5, v4 and you used Fox Framework plugin before then you can keep using it in Fox v6. We’ll keep fixing bugs and maintain it but we won’t develop new features for this plugin.

How to install it?

If you’re in Fox v6, you can’t install it because It’s not there in v6 and also, It’s not necessary for v6. If you’re in Fox v5, you can install it by going to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Install Plugins.

Or you can download it here.