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Single posts are posts in single view like this, not blog, category or archive view.

For single posts, we have 2 setting levels: Global settings in Customizer > Single Post and Local settings for each post when you edit it.

Global settings will apply to all posts while local settings apply to the current post. Local settings can override the global settings. For instance, if you set sidebar position to be “right” for all posts (global setting) but for the current post, you set it to be “left” then It’ll display sidebar left for the current post.

Single Post Layout

There are 7 post layouts to choose from. The layout 4 & 5 are called Hero posts because they have Big Hero Image in the header. You’ll hear that term sometimes in Customizer or in this documentation. Layout 4 has fullscreen header image so it’s called Hero Full. Layout 5 is called Hero Half. Here’s list layouts:

Single Post Layout: Go to Customize > Single Post > General to set the global post layout there.

Sidebar Position: Left, right or fullwidth (no sidebar)

Sidebar: This option allows you to set different sidebar for single posts. By default, single post displays “Main Sidebar“. If you wan’t to create more sidebars, you can go to Dashboard > Fox Magazine > Sidebar Manager

Note: All 3 options above can be overridden by each individual local post settings.

Post Format

The Fox theme supports several post formats: Video, Audio, Gallery that allows you to display more than just a featured image.

Video Thumbnail, like YouTube video or your MP4 video. Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose “Video”.

Audio Thumbnail, like Spotify, Soundcloud or some MP3 file: Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose “Audio”.

Gallery Thumbnail: Edit post, go to Post Settings > Format Options, choose “Gallery”. There’re 7 gallery styles to choose from. Here we take an example of the image carousel layout.

Note that you can display inside post content by using the shortcode  (and to avoid duplication of gallery, you can hide thumbnail for that post).

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